We offer studio and outdoor photography services for all, from Nursery, Preschool, and Pre-K children all the way to college grads as well as Sports, Dance, and special-occasion or family photo days.

Creative fundraising partnerships are also available. 

At Monkey Chicken, we believe that every school should have a wonderful photo day experience, with photographers who love working with children and are proud of the material they deliver to each parent.

It is a mix of giggles, laughter, patience, and appreciation for the incredible honor it is to capture each magical stage of a child's life.

We handle the day with a mix of smiles and deeply rooted professionalism, making sure all details (big and small) are taken care of and that the kids have a lovely time getting their photos taken. Every class enjoys the preparation kit we distribute to make sure all the students (and teachers) are camera-ready and excited to say CHEEEESE!

...but what IS a MonkeyChicken? We will never know, but we always love the giggles when people call our studio.

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