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Private Micro Sessions

Private Micro Sessions will be held in multiple locations from September through November 2021.
If you would like to inquire about the location and dates near you or to create a special date for your area, please contact us


Ready to Book?
Call us to set up your date and time and receive your sign up code 
Then please fill out this form for payment

Please one per child. Unpaid time slots will be removed within 30 minutes.

Terms and Conditions

- Sessions will be booked with a $25 deposit per child. This deposit will be applied to any available package as a coupon code.
- If you would like to book outdoors and studio they are booked and treated as separate sessions and $25 credit can't be combined.
- Every child's session includes 2 proofs. You may order from either photo or from both! 
- Studio sessions have 1 backdrop option. We don't use green screens so there will be no backdrop selection after the session. 
- There will be on refunds for no shows.

Outdoor Sessions may be rescheduled due to weather conditions, please check your messages for changes! Refunds will be given in case your child can't be present for the rain date.


We are all ears! 

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