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Photos will be taken on March 1st and 2nd for all kids and March 3rd for Grads with Cap&Gown.
You will receive a letter with the specific date for your kid's photos. 

For regular photo days, dress your little ones from head to toe! We will be trying to do full-body photos as well as our regular headshots. 
For Cap&Gown 4-year-olds, we prefer neutral colors and hair down or low ponytails, braids, etc. to allow Cap to go in smoothly and not mess up their hairdos. 
We will try our very best to have lovely smiles from each kid, but if you think yours would be a little shy, you can call Ms. Darla, Grace's Director to accompany your child to their session on Friday March 3rd, when we will be doing absentees photos. 

This year we can finally do a class picture since Covid regulations have eased. Pretty please do your best to have your kids in school on their scheduled photo date. We won't do retakes of full classes due to absence.

Siblings who attend Grace nursery together may also be photographed together, but only with confirmation from the school's Director. If you have not yet confirmed your siblings session please contact the main office. 

Thank you very much!


Grace Nursery School

2022 - 2023


We are all ears! 

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